How do people become emotionally attached to a brand?

It all has to do with communication.

In most cases, brand loyalty is a two-way street. Give great customer service and receive happy/loyal customers. After all, they are what can make or break the brand. It is a word-of-mouth type of deal. They love what they bought, so they tell their friends and their friends tell their friends and so on…

Word-of-mouth can be a never-ending cycle, so keeping costumers happy and up-to-date with any major changes is definitely plus.

So how can a brand and their costumers develop a ‘loyal’ relationship?

This article gives ten easy steps to build customer loyalty.

After reading Dr. Osman’s article, he pointed out several different types of brand loyalty:

  • Being attitudinally Loyal – Costumer develops a positive view of the brand, and it is likely to have it as first preference.
  • Temporary Loyalty (emotions) – Costumer has a positive experience.
  • Emotional Attachment – Consequence of all the different interactions and experiences a costumer has had with the brand.                                                                  

According to Monica O’Brian’s blog, Six Tips For Building Brand Loyalty; Brand loyalty means rewarding your costumers with:

  • Coupons
  • Promotional codes
  • Free Giveaways

 The companies that understand the difference between communicating with a costumer and ‘bugging’ a costumer are the ones that successfully develop long-term relationships with their target audience.

I’ve learned that more than a few people are emotionally attached to a brand, and this ‘love’ connection is nothing to be messed with.

My boyfriend, for example, is a ride-or-die, “I will always wear Vans shoes” customer, along with “The only shorts I wear are Jordans.”

Maybe it’s the great customer service they offer, or the feeling of having little kittens hugging his feet, or both.

Either way, he’s hooked and is not getting off cloud nine any time soon.


Sadly, I have never actually experienced this ‘feeling’ but let’s just say; I am waiting for the right brand to sweep me off my feet.