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Can Lance Armstrong’s brand survive?

After losing millions of dollars in endorsements, if Lance Armstrong wants to keep his brand, he might need to do some major changes, and fast.

Livestrong, formerly known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation, is a nonprofit organization that helps and supports people who have experienced cancer.

Armstrong’s confession to doping disappointed a lot of followers, and many reporters, TV shows and even his own fans are turning against him. With all this “disappointment” going on, many people forgot how much Armstrong and his foundation have helped cancer survivors, cancer research and services.

Yes, what he did was wrong, but he has done more good than bad. He actually confessed to doping, and when he did lie, he was consistent. Maybe I just have high hopes for the foundation to keep carrying his name, but you can’t blame me. Many of us are still on his side, because he didn’t cheat his way out of cancer, and that alone is pretty hard to accomplish.

His shocking confession put his life and career at risk, this article says Armstrong’s brand rehabilitation will take years, but it is possible.

In my opinion Armstrong should:

  • Personally apologize to the public, not in an interview and no article saying he is sorry.
  • Focus on helping cancer survivors.
  • Hold a fundraiser for cancer research.

Basically, Armstrong needs to stand for what he is, a cancer survivor. If his brand takes action and focuses more on its mission, Livestrong can become an even bigger foundation.

 PR Daily also gives a few words of advice to Armstrong and how to re-brand successfully.