I left the Facebook world a few months ago due to its confusing upgrades, privacy changes and those weird/dramatic status updates my friends would post. But since I recently became interested and willing to learn more about social media, it is only obvious that I need to have a Facebook account.

The past few days I’ve been hesitant about activating my Facebook, but as I was doing my research on its recent changes, I read an article that could potentially change my mind.

Facebook has been working with Microsoft since 2010, and since then, they have been planning on beating out the world’s most popular search engine, Google.

Google social marketers should worry, a lot.

So here it is—Mark Zuckeberg , CEO and founder of Facebook, announced earlier this week its new feature, called Graph Search.

No worries Facebookers, this new upgrade will impress you and not confuse you.

Graph Search is said to be one the best improvements Facebook has made for its users and I completely agree. But what is Graph Search? What does it actually do?

Graph Search is a new search mechanism that gives you relevant information, results your own friends have rated and recommended, and it answers to questions you have about your own friends, such as, “Movies/music my friends like” or “photos of my friends” or the locations and rates about a certain place.

With Graph Search you can find out what you’re friends are doing without having to go to their timeline. You also won’t have to worry about having thousands of results thrown at your face, results that sometimes are not what you were searching for to begin with.

Maybe Graph Search sounds too good to be true, but once this new program is into full action, I just might “Facebook it!”

Check out this website to learn more about Graph Search.